PS1 – Photoshop & After Effects For Animators

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Photoshop is the industry standard for image manipulation and digital art and is a part of every single production pipeline. From storyboarding to texturing in pre-production, to creating textures and HDR images for lighting, or compositing final rendered stills, using Photoshop is an essential skill for all digital artists.

After Effects is the most widely used post-production application for compositing 3D and 2D footage. It can animate assets and is used to create Special Effects and make changes that would be more time-consuming in traditional 3D applications. It is also a very useful tool for preparing image sequences for reference within Maya for animation.

These two applications have more similarities than differences, and what you know about one of these applications can easily be applied to the other. During the first 5 weeks, we will learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and then translate those compositing and editing skills to After Effects for the following 5 classes, as well as explore some of the unique tools that make After Effects such a powerful tool. This class is the perfect workshop to pair with other iAnimate classes such as Maya Modeling & More Workshop, Pre-Visualization Workshop, Lighting and Compositing Workshop, and the Feature and Gaming Animation Workshops.


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